In Kettlebell Sport Long Cycle Men use two bells and women use one and switch hands, traditionally that is. Over the past year more women have wanted a challenge so they are getting their chance in competition to try the doubles. Of course I am always up for a challenge and if a guy can do it so can I right ?

W/P 5 mins joint mobility


16 Kg 20

18 Kg 20

20 Kg 20

22 Kg 20

24 Kg 20

Double Clean and Jerk, 12 Kg 3 sets of 10


Double Clean and Jerk 16 Kg  3 sets of 10


20 Kg  10/10

22 Kg 10/10

24 Kg 10/10

Heavy Cleans

24 Kg 10/10

26 Kg 10/10


Swings squats 1 min x 3 sets

Drop Squats 1 min x 3 sets

Conditioning sets are key to being able to complete a 10 min kettlebell competition, you cannot set the bell down or your set will be terminated, the key is go in with good conditioning and a strong mind because at the 8 min mark your mind will tell you put the bell down, this is where you tell it "No f'n way" I'm finishing my set!!

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