Training with Kettlebells can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. Short on time ? no problem, grab a pair of double kettlebells and have a complete full body training session in a short period of time.

I prefer to do Kettlebell compounds and chains, compound moves performing 4 or 5 moves for reps or chains performing one move after the other for time.

In this video we did Compounds 5 moves, 5 reps x 3 sets (one full minute of hell if you have heavy enough bells)

Cleans x 5

Highpulls x 5

Press x 5

Squats x 5

Swings x 5

Double Clean and Press 

12 kg bell x 10

14 kg bell x 10

16 kg bell x 10

Pushups on bells 3 sets of 10

Double bent over rows 3 sets of 10

Double Snatches (Advanced lifters only please)

12 kg x 10

14 kg x 10

16 kg x 10 (this is challenging)

Double Bell Rack Squat

16 kg x 10

18 kg x 10

20 kg x 10

Double Suitcase Deadlifts

32 kg 10

36 kg 10/10

Farmers Walk (great for grip strength)

32 kg 1  min set x 3

Double kettlebell swing finishers, these are great for hip/glute and hamstring strength, a complete addition to any powerlifting program for strength, endurance, conditioning and stamina.Platforms Nov 2010 010

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