Since I've competed I haven't hit any true max effort lower work. I will probably get back in to it next week. I have been keeping up on my speed work and continuing to hit my weak points pretty hard. Over the next month or so, I will decide if I am going to do the Deadlift only at the Arnold Classic, like last year. Or, compete in the XPC Meet at The Arnold, like the two years before that.

DE Squats:
Warmed up to 365 + orange Elitefts bands to a box below parallel
8x2 With probably a little more rest than I should have taken between sets.

on my dynamic effort days my main focus right now is consistently getting a good set up and unrack. As well as focusing on my breathing and bracing. For years I would take a big breath into my lungs and my shoulders would rise and my midsection would shrink, giving me less stability. Now, thanks to the coaching I get on a regular basis at elitefts, I am breath into my belly making my midsection as thick as possible, giving me a lot more stability.

Accessory work:
Seated Hamstring curls 5x25
Reverse Hyper 4x15