Evacucation Day One - Back Work

HurriCANT stop me from training.. heh heh heh...

Seth and I decided to head north to avoid the storm. We have no idea how bad the storm will hit our town, but it's better to be safe and leave on our own terms than to be stuck with the masses in Florida. Seth is training for a multiply meet and wanted to meet up with Brian Hill to get some squat tips, so we're hanging out in Winston-Salem NC until we have further plans.

I'm still just doing bodybuilding work, and am really grateful that my training is pretty flexible right now. They have a pretty cool barn set up with everything a powerlifter needs.

Cable row
They have one cable pull-down, so I propped my foot against the bench to stand and lean back at an angle to replicate a horizontal row. Used close grip handles
Plate loaded so warmed up with a 25, then 50, then used 75 as my working weight

DB pullover SS/ Pull downs
Used neutral grip handles for pull downs, kept the same weight as the cable row - 5x12
Worked up to 4x12 with a 50lb DB for pullovers

Prone Shrugs
Used the chest supported row, just focusing on retracting my shoulder blades and getting a big stretch

Hammer Curls

Bicep curls

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