Evacucation Day Two - Sumo Block Pulls

Thank you to Hurricane Dorian for giving Seth and I an excuse for a mini-vacation. We spent Saturday night hanging out with the crew from Hill's Gym, relaxed in the pool, ate some pizza, and chatted about powerlifting until way past our bedtimes. The entire crew has done a great job of making us feel welcome.

We met up Sunday morning to train, Seth was squatting in full gear and I wanted to see If last weeks block pull was a fluke in briefs or if I could manage it raw.
With only one monolift and the crew split between raw and geared, they had the geared lifters wait until the raw guys finished to start squatting. I took that as an opportunity to get my pulls in before I had to help Seth into his gear.

Off 4' blocks

That was it for me. I spent the rest of training trying to get Seth into his gear and helping out.

monolifts home

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