I was able to sneak in some training this evening. Oh wow, it's so different than trying to act somewhat alive at 4:00 am and go train.  Everything about it is so much better: my intensity, speed of session, and not propping myself and trying to drink enough coffee to stay awake. I will actively seek more opportunities to get into the gym in the evening whenever possible.

12" Log

90 - 3x6

110 - 1x3

140 - 6x2 (80%)

Bench - Shoulder Saver Pad

135 - 2x2

155 - 6x2  (was a very low 80% estimate)

Grippers - I'm Back!

My new ritual is for my warm ups I start at the lowest gripper and bang out 1x5 speed reps and work my way up until things get more serious at the 1.5. So that's 5x5 warm up sets. Gripper work was done between log sets.

1.5 - 1x3

2 - 1x3

2.5 - 2x1 This is BIG. I can't remember if I have ever been able to do two singles on this.

2 - 1x10, 3x3, 1x6 It feels like I can rep out on the 2 all day long. The gap between the 2 and the 2.5 is proving to be the challenge.

Log Rows From Ground

Just figured I would play around with these and I LIKED IT. The trick is loading the log with 10's to maximize the distance.



30, 1x5

35, 1x5, 3x3

3" Block Pinch

No real rep scheme, playing with chalk and grip with sets of 35 lbs.

Face Pulls - 3x12

I was able to get through all of that in almost the same amount of time I struggle to make it through log, bench and maybe one accessory when training in the morning. It's literally like the difference between night and day, excuse the pun.