Competed at the APF-AAPF Orlando Barbell Florida State Meet and won Best Female Raw Lifter: 297/181/352.5.

Current total: 830.5 at 132 lb BW - Florida State and National Record Holder in Junior and Open Women's Raw division

Qualified National Strongman competitor and will be competing  in Nationals this coming October to qualify for The Arnold in 2016

I am here to live, learn, and pass on.

So I've decided to compete in a "strongman" competition last minute. A friend decided to drop out and asked me if I wanted to take his place, and of course I said yes, 7 days out. Being semi-unprepared with no idea what the events were at the time made it all more exciting. I figured it was a great opportunity to challenge myself, get more strongman experience and working under pressure, and well, just try to give it my all and kill it.

Split my time today since I wanted to work on some of the events at the Battleaxe and then some lower body speed work and accessories at Idolmaker.

Event day - Battleaxe

Prowler push with keg walks for time x 4

Prowler = 200 lbs , Keg = 110 lbs

Stone carries and load x 4

Lower speed day and accessories - Idolmaker

45 % of 1RM  - 10 x 2 against bands

Side laterals with the EliteFTS mini bands 4 x 10

superset with

KB swings - 4 x 10

Hyper - 3 x 12

Static abs - 3 x 10

Oblique's (side DB raises) - 3 x 10 each side

Thank you for being a part of my journey. Suggestions and comments are always welcomed!