So maybe things are turning a corner.  Made some progress yesterday with performance so that's very encouraging.

Front Squats

Squat Guide - 3x5

Squat Guide  Weighted Holds - 3x5

Bar - 3x5

95, 1x5

115, 1x3

135, 1x1

155, 1x1

185, 1x1

205, 1x1

235, 1x1 Rebuilding PR.

The squat was great, the wrist flexibility is terrible. Good thing I'm strong cuz a normal person's wrist woulda snapped the way things ended up on my final lift. If I dumped the bar, the wrist for sure woulda snapped. The only option was to grind out that rep as quick as possible to get the bar out of my hands.


225, 2x50

315, 1x50

415, 1x50

515, 1x50

Super pleased with this. My yoke is terrible and generally feels 100 lbs heavier than any competition yoke. So the goal will shift a bit to moving quick with 450+ and throw in a couple heavier days.


Took these light because I wanted to focus on some grip.

125 - 1x200 ft (turns at 50 feet)

125 - 2x100 ft (turns at 50 feet)

Hub - Worked up to 45.

Double Overhand Axle Rack Pulls

200 -1x3

220 - 1x3

250 - 1x3

270 - 1x3 (sumo)

300 - 1x1

310 - 1x1

Silver Bullet Gripper Hold With COC 1

This was obvious how much work I have to do here. Did a couple sets in the 20 second range.

My head is coming back into the game. There are six training weeks left.  I can pull this off, assuming my DL and press snap back. It's amazing how much better and quicker things go when I train in the evening. I need to find a way to make that work more often.