Today's Training:

AirDyne: 10 mins steady; 15x 15/45's

Cycle: Commute; I ride to open the gym by 4:30 AM in the morning, so it's DARK outside. One of my participants was concerned that the five front and two rear lights weren't good enough and that I needed a reflective jacket to look like "Tron" driving the "U.S.S. Enterprise". I put it on today and almost got hit TWICE! I guess the drivers can now distinguish that I'm a cyclist and those reflective stripes may also be descending "Bullseye" marks.

Perhaps leave the jacket off going forward.

You can superset any ODD number with any EVEN number. 5x20 of the following:

  1. Barbell Curl
  2. Cable Tricep Pushdown
  3. Dumbell Curl
  4. Dumbell Supine Tricep Extension
  5. Hammer Curl
  6. C/S Tricep KickBack
  7. Seated Barbell Curl
  8. Dips
  9. Concentration Curl
  10. Single Arm Band Pushdown

Cycle: Commute

  • I also added prior to the arm routine band assisted Pull-ups: Five and positions on the ladder attachment doing 2 sets of 100 reps in each. (Yes, that's an additional 1000 pull-up reps and my forearms are GASSED!)