Well it's here, I'm one day out and just a few hours from weigh ins. I decided to make the cut to 132 since I previously competed at 138 and my lifts would be more competitive in the 132 class.

I was consistently weighing 137-138 through this training cycle and since this meet has a 24 hour weigh in we decided a water cut would be best.

From Saturday to Tuesday I drank two gallons of water a day. I followed my regular diet which is the rp template that I manipulated a little to suit my lifestyle a little better. I started cutting carbs in half Monday and kept away from salt from Sunday on. Dropped down to 1.5 gallons Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday and Thursday were the hardest, mostly because I don't function well without carbs. Wednesday I only ate steamed veggies and tuna, Thursday I had 12 hours of travel and only ate a small salad in the morning. Just water after that. I stopped drinking water around 8pm and ate two lemons for a natural diuretic (wow that was sour!). I was pretty worried since I was at 137 at night but I knew I needed to trust the process and just keep going to the bathroom. I had a pretty bad headache so it was a tough night for me. Just tried to sleep, got up a bunch to pee and kept watching my weight drop. 136, 135, 134, then next thing I know I'm at 132.2 a few hours away from weigh in. I'm much more relaxed knowing I'll make it and really at this point can't wait to eat!!!