Floor press working up to a heavy single. Ok I’ll admit it. I always fucking cheat on floor press. I rarely pause at the bottom when I get to the top sets because I always want to break my PR. However, I am totally resigned (in a good way. Can you be resigned in a good way?) to listening to my elders and doing things in the most beneficial way. Which means pausing on at the bottom. The other things Todd wanted me to work on for the day were starting with my atms at lockout (sometimes I get the ol soft elbowitis)  and exploding off the floor.


I am proud to say that I did not hit a PR because I took small jumps with the intent of just making sure I did it right and paused.


After all, the floor press is like the box squat of the upper body. Especially for shirted people. You spend a lot of time at the bottom of your press and then have to explode up when you get the press call.


Anyway I ended up at 215 for a single. My PR is 225. After that I put the slingshot on and worked up to 265.


Next up on exciting new things! Partial dips. With a 25 lb plate hanging from me. I had a box under my feet so I would only dip until my heels hit the box. I put the weight upon my hips when I dip you dip we dip. Amirite 1990 something??? Or 2000 something??? Like floor press, held the bottom position for a 2 count, exploded up, then paused at the top. I am noticing a trend here.


Now onto things I have done but done not ideally!


T bar rows!  Usually I definitely just do these for max weight not max squeeze. For a frame of reference, I do these with two plates and a quarter. Todd had me doing them with a plate and a quarter and they were fucking spicy. I extended all the way then exploded up and ended up with my chest slightly up and squeezing the fuck out of everything- way more than I normally squeeze. That was a doozy.


I also did some upper back work on the t bar row keeping my arms extended and just shrugging the weight back. Those were neato too.


Finished off with 2 sets of OHP on the angle bar with a quarter on each side.


At that point Todd told me to cut it except for a few small things (a lil upper back, front side rear raises, and grip. I think that’s it). That I should be putting so much effort into my main and supplemental movements that I was pretty wrecked.


And indeed I had to go home and take a nap.

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