Bench w/legs up 300/345/385x5
Long pause bench w/legs up 300 3x5
Close grip shoulder saver bench w/legs up 365 2x10

One arm dumbbell rows 20/30/40/50/60/70/80/90x10
Overhand pullups 3x5

Airdyne peddling with good leg and both handles 20 minutes
Physio ball rev hyper 5x10

I was happy to be able to bench at all on Friday night. Luckily I have a very strong stretch strap that I hung from the ceiling to help me down and off the bench. Otherwise I would not have been able to bench. Getting around with the leg is precarious at best.

Regarding the leg, it's sure hard to hold up both legs with one in the brace. My abs were pretty sore the next morning. In the past I have put my legs out on chairs, but I don't want to risk putting any pressure on the bad mcl.

My semi emerging ab also got some good work doing pull ups. The bar is in my basement and it's pretty low. Usually I hang my legs behind me, but with my knee and brace, that's not possible. So I had to keep my legs out in front of me in kind of a pike position. So I guess I don't have to train abs separately for a while.

All in all good work is being done everything considered.