Sunday was a full gear squat day at Apollon.

My back issues seem to be getting better week by week, and i'm really motivated to do what I can to re-learn my gear. It has not been easy, and this past workout turned out to be another bump in the road.

In short, I worked up to 620 with my Jack briefs and suit bottom, and it was UGLY. High as hell, and terrible technique. The weight didn't feel heavy at all, but I got way into my knees.

I think that the biggest issue is that i'm wearing the same stuff I used to squat 800+, but I'm nowhere near that strength level. Right now my gear is totally overpowering me.  So going forward, I'm gong to downgrade my gear to the old Metal Pro line which is quite a bit more forgiving, while I re-train myself to squat in multi-ply gear. I've even toyed with the idea of switching to single ply lifting for a while, which i'd probably do if it wasn't for that damn 700 bench i'm still chasing.

Not a great training session in terms of weights lifted, but I think I learned something that will get me one step closer to the competitive platform.

Still excited just to be training hard again.