Currently I am in school and working  2 jobs. This has been the last 2 years of my life. This is easier to do when your training isn't going well because of injuries. Being supremely busy creates a positive distraction. Taking the time to take a step back and find out why I'm always "de-loading" from injuries. Not just a little pain. Injury that last longer than 6 months some days can't even bare weight on one leg because of the knee will buckle or not being able to lift your arm to open the fridge. NOW that I have figured it out and have clarity to how I need to approach training I can NOW move forward.

Year 2015 will be about moving forward in my education, work, lifting  and setting myself up for the next 10 years. I am planner, once a plan A,B and C is in place I pursue them with nothing getting in my way.

Each week of training counts.  As seen on my last post sumo dead lifting had been avoided for years and being able to do what I did is leaps and bounds to where I have come from over the years. All seasoned lifters can relate to when a training session feels normal. Not weak, tight, right/left side behind, wrecked, rough, or my favorite "what the hell is wrong?" Just NORMAL. Being able to feel normal when handling weight is when you can work on weaknesses because you can feel them without sharp, bone breaking pain.

Here on some training videos over the last 2 weeks

Bench training: 165x5x5

Incline bench 115 x4x10

Left shoulder hanging in there with minimal pain.

MRI concerns were with a bone spur or cyst on lateral head by the greater tuberosity. Makes sense when I can not lift my arm some days.