Ok, I'm not even sure how to start this; I don't pre-think these things out. I just sit down and puke them out as they come to me. Hopefully, I get my point across without offending too many people and if I do you know the drill IDGAF.

In this day in age, we have an incredible amount of division within powerlifting. We have many federations, regulations, styles, etc. Also included as of late are those that I'll refer to as “the hashtag divisions, ” i.e., #galswhopowerlift #peargang #griiiiil just to name a few.

I'll start by saying there are some very impressive women in this sport, BUT there have always been remarkable, impressive, strong women in powerlifting. With that said I'm hoping I don't get raked over the coals. The difference I see about women of the powerlifting past is they didn't have to attach themselves to these hashtag divisions to "fit in." In fact, it was quite the contrary, being women in a predominantly male sport they busted ass and put up respectable numbers. I mean that’s still the point, isn’t it?

See I did some research, some real scientific shit with this. I perused some of the pages and sites. Amidst all the new ass shots in the newest issued booty shorts there are some decent lifts posted, but the kicker and feel free to go look, the "ass shots" get more likes and views than any lift posted. I wonder if I went to the powerlifting meet and just said “nice ass” to all these girls how that would go? I'd be labeled a pig, and who knows what else.

My point is I'm just not sure why it has to be related to powerlifting. Feel free to post your "ass shots" trust me plenty of guys are out there waiting to drop those fancy memes and emojis. Hell, I'll even do you one better I'm a narcissist myself. If I have a pump, I'm posting a pic, or if my traps are full of blood, it's going down. However, I will never specifically tag anything in hopes of getting my pics shared by a "powerlifting" group so I can share it and be like aye bro you see #dudeswhopowerliftwithtrapsandtats shared my pic! Shits getting real now, then buy the latest #dudeswhopowerliftwithtrapsandtats shirt, pants, shorts, etc. news flash you’re not special you're a customer falling right into someone's marketing plan.

Now let's get to the real shit hopefully your still with me after all of that.

If you have the heart (couldn't say balls here) to step on that platform under a bar in front of three judges holding switches connect to red and white lights ready to risk injury in this tournament of torment you're a powerlifter.

In my eyes, any Man, Woman, Gay, straight, religious, atheist and anything and everything between who digs in that chalk bowl and hits an ammonia cap till they choke and tears run down their cheeks is a powerlifter.

You don't need any particular hashtag to fit in, in my eyes you’re a fucking powerlifter. If you want to show your ass, okay, but don't make a mockery of the women fighting their asses off for a few more pounds on their total. I feel I can't say it enough because that's all this is about right?

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