Spent some time with Big Bald discussing programming for FitExpo. The dreaded front squats were brought up as a significant area of need. Right, I know. That whole knee thing tossed front squats out a LONG time ago but they are so imperative. Things with the knee have been rolling along quite nicely and I am feeling more confident and secure with squatting. More importantly, no pain.

The purpose today was to get an idea where I was on my front squats.

He said: 315. No problem.

She said: Lucky if even 135. Last time I tried these 100 lbs crushed me.

Warm Up:



Front Squats

bar - 1x5

95, 1x5

135, 1x3

155, 1x2

175, 1x1

185, 1x1

205, 1x1

225, 1x1

Amy Front Squats Video Link


225 - 3x50 ft

315 - 3x50 ft

405 - 1x50 ft


 A review of training vids from Saturday ended with:

He Said: Are you the one responsible for Katy Perry radio?

She Said: Why would you say that?

He Said: Have you watched your videos?

She Said: Did you like the ending? That was just for you.