I am really quite happy with how this workout turned out! It started out as a terrible workout, my back was giving me trouble, I could feel the weight deep in my hips as I walked the weight out, and my attempts to stretch and decompress my back did not work.
It was like a switch flipped when I had 265 on my back. Suddenly I had no pain, and my body just decided to finally work with me. Now this could be 100% mental, but hell, who cares? I then went up to 285x2 which felt STRONG!
The last time I was squatting 280-290 for doubles was right before the Powerlifting Experience at EliteFts when I hit 330 for a big squat PR. While I know that wraps/raw raw will make a big difference, I'm still keeping in my mind that I can do a hell of a lot more than what I probably think I can.










pause squats 210x3, 220x3x2sets

leg press 4x10

leg ext 3x15


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