Heavy Squats (Singly Ply)

5 minute warm up

Raw squats:

bar 1 x 5, 1 x 5 / 105lbs x 5 / 145lbs x 3 / 195lbs x 2 / 235lbs x 1

Suit: 235lbs x 1, 285lbs x 1, 325lbs x 1, 375lbs x 1, 415lbs x 1, 430lbs x 1 (PR)

Reverse lunges (heavy) with stationery foot on two mats 3 x 10 each

FB Front goblet squats 3 x 10 (do these slow)

Leg extensions (heavy) x partials 3 x 10/10

Low cable rows 3 x 12 x abductions 3 x 25 - I emphasized rounding my back each rep as a 'reset' to get into proper position at contraction. This helps me feel and learn how to properly do a low row by using the correct muscle groups. Again, my shoulders and traps love to over power upper body movements.

20 min steady state cardio (cool down)

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