This is the first heavy (ish) bench I've taken since my shoulder has been hurting. I compete on September 16 in an RPS meet at Rivercity Barbell, so I figured it's time to see where I'm at. This workout was the first heavy single to my chest in a month at least.

I really took my time warming up, hitting a lot of upper back work and pullups to get some blood flowing.

Bench press:
barx10 -close grip
135x10 -close grip
225x10 -medium grip
275x5 medium grip
315x3 - ring finger on rings
365x1 - ring finger on rings
405x1 - middle finger on rings
-I feel stronger a little wider than this, but this was the first rep that bothered my shoulder so I brought my grip back to ring finger on rings and hit 405 again and it felt a lot better.

200 band pull a parts
1/2 mile walk.

The press felt pretty easy and I will push it a little more next week. My meet PR is 430, so if my shoulder holds up I feel like I should be able to hit a PR.