Hypertrophy - Legs

Does it seem like all I do now is back and legs?

Lying Hamstring curl
Worked up to a tough set of 10, then did the weight for 12, then 10, then 8, then 6 with 30s rest in between

Hack squat
Slow negatives with a pause at the bottom
worked up to a tough set of 8 and stayed there for 3 sets

Leg press
Feeder sets of 5 reps working up to a tough 10 and stayed there for two sets before a drop set. 10 reps, drop a plate, 8 reps, drop a plate, 8 reps - done

Leg extensions
Worked up to a tough set of 8 focusing on squeezing every rep, then did an extra 4 reps just swinging to get blood flow/go to failure, waited 30 seconds, went to failure again, waited 45 seconds, went to failure again.

Barbell stiff leg deadlifts

Standing calf raises

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