Hypertrophy - Legs

Lying leg curl
Worked up to a 45lb plate for 3x10 then dropped 10lbs and immediately pumped out 6 reps (goal was another 10 but failed), then dropped another 10lbs and did 10 more

Hack squat
The program called for paused squats, but I made a promise to myself to not put a bar on my back for a month so I can really recover.
Worked up to 5x6 with 140lbs of plate weight. 3ct eccentric with a 1 second hold at the bottom.

Ran mono for about 8 mins or so

Bulgarian split squat drop set
Did sets of 8 each side working up to 16kg (BW, 8kg, 12kg, 16kg). Held the last rep with 16kg for an 8 second iso good at the bottom for a good stretch. Then immediately dropped down to do 8 with 12kg, and 8kg. My legs were destroyed after.

DB stiff leg deadlift
2x10 with a 5ct eccentric, 1 second hold at the bottom in a deep stretch, then only came up 4/5 at the top. These were way tougher than I was expecting.

Treadmill walk
20 mins at an incline of 4

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