I GUESS IT WAS CHRISTMAS OR SOMETHING so I trained on Wednesday with everyone instead of Tuesday so they could watch a baby being born on a haystack or something. Mazel tov.

  • Belt squat two plates and a quarter 4x10-12
  • Seated abs my favorite because it involves sitting down 35 lbs 4x12-15
  • Back attack with low back emPHAsis two plates and a quarter 4x10-12
  • Single leg leg extension with a plate 4x15-20
  • Inverse leg curl 35 lbs 3x12-15
  • Adduction machine 130 lbs with a slow eccentric to really work on the ol groin muscles. They don’t call me “strong loins Starobin” for nothing.
  • Decided to switch things up from MACHINE abduction and do BANDED abduction. Whoa watch out! Curveball coming atcha!
  • Reverse hyper 4x20
  • Stir the pots



When will this barbelless nightmare end?

  • Dumbbell press 60 lbs 6x12-15 actually trying to get a full range of motion since usually I cheat on these TBH.
  • Slight incline rolling triceps 35 lbs 4x8
  • Single arm OHP (original house pancakes) 35 lbs (of pancakes) 3x10. I try to do one day of overhead shoulder movements and one day of front/side raises so I can get a mix of strength and maximum jackedness
  • T bar row two plates 3x10. I try to arch a little and really work on squeezing my upper back as opposed to doing a regular row.
  • Reverse hyper 3x10. Has anyone yet called a colonoscopy “playing the glute flute”?