Wed March 11, 2015 post meet recovery training.

Kettlebells are by far my favourite type of conditioning, not only can you build tremendous strength and conditioning but they are also amazing for your joints, tendons and ligaments.


5 Mins of Joint Mobility warmup


Two handed 1 min, alternating 1 min, 30 sec one hand, 30 sec other hand, two handed moving leg to side swing circuit 2 mins.

2 Mins Figure 8 hold into squat ( I really like to focus on driving across with the quads and obliques)

2 Mins Highpulls

4 Mins Clean and Press switching at the 1 min mark

2 Mins squat sequence (Drop Squat/ Summo Squat/Swing Squat) x 2 sets

4 Mins Swing Snatch combo switching at the one minute mark

2 Mins Walkouts of Death - walkout, 6 pushups, walk back 6 thrusters, 6 squats repeat get about 4 rounds in.

1 Min Double swinging rows

1 Min Double Highpulls

1 Min Drop Squat/swing squat combo


5 Cleans/5 Presses/5 Squats/ 5 Swings x 2 rounds

10 Cleans/ 10 Presses/10 Squats/10 Swings x 2 rounds

5 Mins stretching

Kettlebells can be as hard or as easy as you want them to be. Once you know the proper technique, all you have to do is up your bell size for a bigger better training session.

If you have never tried kettlebells I suggest you do, you will be hooked like me, there is kettlebell fitness and kettlebell sport, 2 totally different animals

I teach Kettlebell fitness at several gym locations and my home studio, I also coach Kettlebell sport and compete in Kettlebell competitions across Canada and the US. Stay tuned for more Kettlebell training, video's and more.

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