Agatsu Kettlebell Competition, three weeks out and I'm still undecided, it sure isn't like powerlifting, you squat/bench/deadlift. In a kettlebell competition you have choices, so I need to decide which move I want to do, Long Cycle aka clean and jerk, Snatch, or Biathlon which is two 10 min sets, one just jerks and one of snatches.

If it was that easy right ? Next you have to decide what bell size to use and if want to get your rank 1,2,3 or achieve your CMS (Candidate for Master of Sport) or MS (Master of Sport).

Sometimes it's just a matter of going in and doing your best, trying to complete a 10 min set. Training for this specific event takes dedication and hard work I'm not going to lie. It requires lots of conditioning and getting under the bells at least 4 times a week.

So, still undecided I'm training for both right now, Long Cycle and Snatch, this event for me is just going to be for fun and a small goal to get my conditioning back up to snuff. I have two big powerlifting events coming up in June and in 3 days I start my 11 week program of training 4 times a week, this will put a wrench in my kettlebell training so I have decided this will just be a fun event this time.




12 Kg 1 min each arms x 3 sets

12 Kg 2 min each arm x 2 sets

14 Kg 1 min each arm x 3 sets

14 Kg 2 min each arm x 2 sets

16 Kg 1 min each arm x 3 sets

16 kg 2 min each arm x 2 sets



Hands were starting to tear so I had to stop!

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