If you have never tried a kettlebell competition I suggest you put it on your bucket list, or as I call it since I turned 50, my "Fuckit list"

First and foremost pick your event, either Clean and Jerk or Snatch. I won't get into all the choices today but I train for both of these events.  In between my powerlifting events I like to keep my conditioning  in check and give myself a challenge so I compete in Kettlebells as well as coach people to compete in the sport


W/U 5 mins joint mobility

W/U 5 mins swings (variations of one hand, two hand and alternating)

W/U 2 mins Clean and Jerk (switching hands at one min)

W/U 2 mins Snatch (switching hands at one min)

9 min set of Clean & Jerk or Snatch (switching hands once at the 4.5 min mark)

2 mins heavy cleans switching hands at the 30 sec mark

2 mins heavy jerks switching hands at the 30 sec mark

1 min drop squats

1 min swing squats

1 min summo squats

2 min high pulls

2 min figure 8 hold into squat

2 mins suitcase heavy deadlifts

1 min squat thrusters

Burn out set of double clean and press and single arm clean and press

Burn out set of Compounds

Burn out set of chains (Swing/highpull/clean/press/squat/snatch) 44 lb kettlebell

Complete as many burn out sets as you feel you need to "Burn Out" Choose anywhere from an 18 Lb Kettlebell to an 88 Lb Kettlebell, the choice is yours !



Kettlebell sport is intense, depending on which size of bell you choose to compete with and what your goals are.  Regardless of competing or not, kettlebells for strength and conditioning are one of the best tools you could own! Kettlebells and Powerlifting work together for me as the "Perfect Pair" !

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