I have to admit, I'm spoiled. Majority of my lifting career has been injury free. I deal with a few aches and pains here and there. Recently, the pain has turned to bad bicep tendonitis and shoulder pain has been hard to consistently manage. The struggle I have with this is questioning whether I am doing enough. 


The battle between focusing on rehab and movements that are manageable and pushing through the pain and training heavy to make sure I am ready for meet day. Where does either get me? What will make me a better and smarter lifter?

Going 'ham' 4 weeks leading up to the meet won't make me significantly stronger.

Focusing on pain management and rehab won't make me significantly weaker.

So I am taking it day by day and ignoring ego on days I feel really good. I have to commit and not second guess myself.

See videos.

410lbs x 0, 410 x 1