A couple things I'm really happy with right now

1. My diet is going quite well so far! I have limited my diet to nothing but fish, chicken, and greens (with the occasional carb post workout and protein powder). I actually have more energy, and feel better overall. I have 1.5lbs to go, and my abs are almost coming in! Here's a picture I snuck in on Monday....IMG_20150320_163018

2. My deadlifts couldn't have gone better this week! I pulled with a texas power bar to be absolutely sure I was ready for those stiff bars they make you deadlift with in IPF. The pulls felt strong and consistent. I finished with an easy 315 pull! I'm really looking forward to testing deadlift on the platform at Nationals.

3. My body is feeling better than it has in a long time! Most of the really heavy work is done, and I've been spending a lot of time getting massage, acupuncture, foam rolling, etc. I am SO thankful to have a great team in my corner, who put me back together after all the heavy work I do.

4. I am really thankful for my Strong(her) ladies, for the entire EliteFTS team, and for my coach Steve Goggins for their support as I train for my biggest meet yet!

5.  I got a new Strong(her) tank this week and I am in love with it! I would've worn it all week long if I could (well I guess I COULD, but it wouldn't be very nice for any of my coworkers). I tried taking a picture of myself in the shirt, but my short arms couldn't get a good picture!



Light Squats, and Deadlifts







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