At this point in my training staying healthy is my main concern. Wanting to get this meet over with is second. I'm a bit tired of feeling sore and beat up.  Saturday squat day with the crew turned out to be a great day for all. We had a special guest visiting all the way from Ottawa, Paul Oneid who was generous enough to help some of our Team with some training advice and tips!


65 LBS X 10

166 LBS X 3

216 LBS X 3

256 LBS X 2


306 LBS X 2

356 LBS X 1

396 LBS X 1

436 LBS X 1

That's a squat wrap, literally. I was also very thankful today for Dr. Ken Kinakin coming out to squat with the crew. He gave me a few adjustments, hopefully enough to keep me together until meet day.

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