LAZY MEAL PREP - Shredded Chipotle Chicken

I've had a few requests for lazy meal prep ideas, so this is the first of a series where I help you eat less like shit in less prep time.

So I have two styles of cooking I generally do. The first is where I spend a ton of time prepping to make fancy/macro-friendly/gourmet-ish meals. The second is when I have next to no time to prep large quantities of food, so make lazy but tasty meals that can be thrown together on the run. They usually involve a slow cooker, pressure cooker (instant pot), or microwave.
This recipe started out as a soup, then we found the meat was perfect to top rice or sweet potato, or make burritos when we drained off the excess. This has morphed A LOT from the original recipe, and seemed to taste better every time I got lazier cooking it.
I rarely measure my spices, so the measurements listed are more of a guideline. Don't drain either the tomatoes or beans, you will need the liquid to cook the meat well enough to shred.

Makes enough for ten 5oz servings
50oz (or 3lbs) boneless chicken breast
15oz can black beans
15oz can diced tomatoes
half of a 7oz can chipotles in adobo sauce (use a full can if you like spice)
Shake some garlic salt in (1 tbs)
Shake a BUNCH of cumin is (2 tbs)

SLOW COOKER - Cook on medium/high for 12 hours. When the meat falls apart/shreds easy you will know it's done. Drain the excess and shred the meat well.

Pressure cooker/instant pot - Cook on high pressure for 40 minutes. Shred and drain excess.

Stovetop - Cook on low/simmer for 2-4 hours mixing regularly. Shred and drain. This method is the least lazy of the bunch.

TIP - the meat should shred easily using only a wooden spoon, stirring to break the pieces apart. Two forks or a shredding tool will also work well.

This recipe goes really well in a burrito, on top of rice, THERE ARE NO RULES.




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