Learning Music Again to Relax and Encourage Creativity

When I was around 11 I picked up the drums for a little while, took some lessons, played very poorly with friends. Later on when I was 18 I decided to buy a cheap Ukulele and teach myself how to play using only youtube videos. It was fun, but I never learned more than a few chords and didn't have money  for lessons or even one with half decent strings. I ended up giving it up because I wasn't progressing.

Every time I moved, or cleaned my room since then I would pick up that Ukulele and strum away, a sense of relaxation would always come over me. An hour would pass of just strumming a few chords in different patterns. I'd put it down, walk away, and always wish I was better at it. I would feel creative, and mindful while playing.

I'm one of those people who's always running to do something or go somewhere. I have a hard time letting myself relax and when I do it usually means turning into a mindless blob in front of the TV.  So many people use practices like meditation, yoga, read novels, etc. to relax and be mindful, but none of those are truly enjoyable to me.

I've decided to pick back up the Ukulele, and this time do it right. I'm taking lessons, and have a borrowed Fender Ukulele until I can get a nicer one of my own. I'm hoping that this translates to being better at other aspects in my life. Relaxation helps recovery, creativity and mindfulness will help me run a better business.


Let's see how this goes.

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