After taking a brutal 24 hours of just accepting what happened and what should be done moving forward, I wanted to lean on the man who has been through it all. For insight. For support. Like a call to dad when you need lunch money.

I spoke to Dave and told him what I wanted to do and the intention of it — he was on board. This will be a learning, good or bad. A learning nonetheless.

Today, this was my learning:

Why should we be ashamed of our past when being who we were to who we are becoming are intertwined — all that we are and all that we could be rather than the things were not, begins and ends with resolve.

A friend also asked me for support. So, we met up for coffee. We chatted, vented, and spoke about what we want to offer to others. But more importantly, what can we do for ourselves. She told me, “I want to be established.” She has a passion but she wasn’t sure how to expand on it. Get it out there. Make it grow.

That’s everyone’s goal, right? But what defines to be established? I told her my definition.

To be established is to deliver every single time.

What you offer is a service for others. Deliver every single time and they will come.