Leg training - Evacuating Florida

Well today was a bit of a doozie.
What started out as a normal day, turned into preparing for hurricane Dorian. Spent most of the day finding supplies to survive a hurricane, then by the time training finished, we had a plan in place to hit the road. We’re headed north now.

Honestly as far as training went, today sucked. My joints hurt, and I felt tired from all the stress of the day. I was supposed to work up to some decent weight on the safety squat bar, but after a warm up set or two, my body just wasn’t feeling it. I opted for a bit of a pump instead and coached the new guys through squats and deads.

Lying leg curl
Worked up to a tough set of 8, then did the same weight for 10, waited 30s, then added weight to go to failure for 8, then added weight to failure for 6.

Safety squat
Bar x 10
95x 8
So much ‘nope’ that I stripped the weight and said “not today”.

Leg extensions

Walking lunges

Ran home to pack our things and leave town.


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