So this past week of training was particularly challenging. My partner and I were fortunate enough to find a beautiful new apartment--the perfect place to create our first home together. However, with all that excitement also comes a great deal of stress.

Moving sucks. Period. There's the packing, unpacking, moving large items, forgetting small items, and the general feeling of "being in limbo" while you move out of an old home and try to make a new space feel like your new home.

This week I was tired, irritable, stressed, and could care less about training. It was the last thing on my mind this week. BUT......

I was able to make every training session, on the days that I decided I would get them in, and still made sure I was doing everything I could to do my part (and hopefully more) in moving us into the new place.

The weight on the bar was lighter than the week before, I felt weak, and I just wanted to get some sleep all week-- but after each training session, I felt re-energized and was happy I did it. It could be from the endorphins, or getting a break from moving-- but I think the reason I still felt like I had great training sessions (despite everything sort of being "wrong"/"off") was because I set out a goal for myself (make every session, and train like a professional) and I did it.

That's something no one can take away from me, and it's uniquely mine/for me. That's something special, and I think it's something we all crave and need.

So maybe next time you feel like the world is crashing all around you, or like you don't have control over anything in your life-- set a goal/task/anything that is purely within your control. Accomplish it. Enjoy the feeling of remembering that no matter what, you're in control of you and your life.

Maybe this has no relevance to you, maybe it's just something that works pretty well for me, most of the time.