Life Update - Figuring things out and finding my happy

The past few months have been stressful, and yet freeing all at the same time. I've made some decisions that will have a significant impact for the rest of my life. The first of which was the decision to go back to school to get a degree in Health Sciences. As a personal trainer I was spending time and money doing CEC courses to better myself as a trainer, but still felt stuck. I want to open more doors, and learn more. I have my eye on doing a masters in exercise science or physiotherapy after I complete my degree, but for now finishing my undergraduate is what I need to focus on.
I left my boyfriend of five years after spending the last two years feeling stuck. I wasn't in love anymore and I knew it was the right decision for me in the long run. This decision was a very stressful one for me and threw my life upside down for a bit. I'm very thankful for the friends who stuck by me and helped me through this.
I fell in love with my best friend. We've got some big things planned that I'm excited to share when the time is right.
I decided to keep my next competition a bit more local. I will be doing EPC(IPL) Provincials in Kingston, ON, this June.
Training is going really well right now. I decided to write my own programming going into this competition. I've been focusing on the things that I KNOW work for me and using my training partners to keep me from doing anything stupid. My body feels the best it has in a year and I'm hoping for a great meet day.

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