Light bench work - 6/11/2019

Gearing up for an RPS meet July 27th in Orlando, Fl
I'm 27 years old, painfully Canadian, and compete in the 132lb class (ranked 18th in 2018).
Following the M2 Method with coach Brian Schwab
Current BW (6/11/2019) - 137.5lbs
Last book read - Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron
Currently reading - Does my physiology textbook count?

It feels like forever that I've been slowly working my way back to benching after having to take a full 6 weeks off because of costochondritis. It really has been worth the wait in my mind though, it's nice to not be in constant pain in and out of the gym.
This is my second week adding in a secondary 'light' bench day. Last week I worked up to 135x2x5, then shut it down there as I was feeling a bit of strain on my pecs when I was trying to push the weight fast. The lesson from that day? Use my lats more to pop the weight off my chest,
The goal of these light days is to make the weight look... light. I'm focusing on controlling the descent, staying as tight as physically possible, then KAPOW throw that sucker up faster than you can blink. Today I really felt like I had that kapow back, and zero chest pain. Life is good.


Machine rear delt fly

DB Bicep curl

Wide grip face pull using spud ab strap

Cable tricep press down

20 min treadmill walk
I was behind on my daily steps because it's been a wet week here in FL


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