3 hour squat clinic today turned out amazing.


We were invited to attend the Commit2Bfit location in Oshawa Ontario to put on a squat workshop as ambassadors to the sport and help spread the powerlifting gospel.  We had a wide demographic of lifters attend the workshop with the female contingent dominating the group which is exciting.  Lots of new lifters eager to learn proper squat mechanics and technique.   It's great to have athletes who want to learn and improve their knowledge of the lifts to become better lifters.  An overview of the workshop included bar position, foot position, knee tracking and focused on cues like keeping your back tight, opening your knees and keeping the centre of gravity over your heels for optimum propulsion.   Several athletes were able to achieve new PR's with a little direction and guidance.  The workshop provided ideas on how to setup some programming and improving lifts with accessory work.   We were excited to see a large majority of the people who attended the workshop were extremely interested in training and trying a competition in the near future.  We are always excited to help people grow and realize their potential.  Live.  Learn.  Pass On.