I have some plans for competing. Recent experience tells me that until I finalize travel arrangements that it's not for real. Outside forces with the gym  seem to significantly impact my participation in events I would LIKE to do and train for. So for now, let's just say I am coming back into strongman training and have some ideas for competing  later this spring.

I am worried that ten weeks isn't enough. My strength isn't where it needs to be, my DL is always weak off the floor,  I haven't truly devoted any attention to event training  since my last nationals prep and pulling everything together in ten weeks makes me nervous.

The Big Guy seems to think I will be just fine. I will trust that.  I cannot remember the last time I competed in a local show and wasn't hitting the competition weights right from the start of training. And then to hear about Lacy's numbers makes me want to cry. This will be an uphill battle in some regards and in others, I have several strengths that will come into play. In the end there are more strengths than weaknesses so there is a silver lining.

While cleaning the gym I tested some things out.


90 - 3x6

110, 1x3

130, 1x3

140, 1x1

160, 1x1

170, 1x1


135, 1x5

225 - 1x3

335 - 1x3

355 - 1x1

375 - 1x1

385 - 1x1 (belt)

400 - 1x1


Just messing around to see what I was on this which ended at 45 lbs. I suppose it's ok. Nothing that makes me real excited.