Well, surprise, time to get ready for another meet! As of the end of December, the WPO Semi-Finals meet is about 9 weeks away.


We are still figuring out what the plan is. Currently, Dave is thinking we re-do the same squat cycle and just bump the numbers up some. I will update you, dear reader, when we have it planned out.


One of my bigger concerns is the pace of the meet. This will be a speedy meet- max 30 lifters (assume some don’t end up at the meet or bomb out, this runs the risk of having an even quicker meet). My work capacity sucks. I am a classic 300 lb purple faced guy that is only ready for a 3-4 flight meet where you get 15 minutes in between attempts and like 2.5 hours between squat and bench. So Dave added in a Monday and Friday GPP/recovery day which includes sled dragging and some band work if necessary for sore areas. Soreas. Wait apparently that is a word. I’m googling it now. Nope it’s not a word but it didn’t come up with the spell check squiggly. Anyway. I don’thave the time to devote to a conditioning block so hopefully this will suffice. Also I am excited to get one of those Spud Inc. magic carpet sleds to pull around the park near me house so dogs can chase me. Fingers crossed.


Also, my weight. This meet is by glosbrenner- so a formula based on bodyweight and total. To get the same glossbrenner for my 1250 total at 148, I need to total 1350ish at 165…. I would prefer to cut some weight before the meet but Dave is not of the same opinion. And like always, I listen to my gear daddy. So I need to step it the fuck up and squat a lot more to make up for some ground I lost by being a fucking fatty.

Gear- my goal is to learn how to use less gear. My usual method is strap that shit on tight as fuck. But as Dave has been telling me and (I am finally listening), you can get more out of the gear by using it less. And you will fuck up less. Todd is also hammering this into me. That means a bench shirt that isn’t super tight and isn’t super jacked. A squat suit where the straps aren’t so tight I’m smushed in there like play doh in a shot glass and then I round over when I get into the hole. So I’m actually going to LISTEN this time around and work with a big shirt and a less tight suit. Pray for me.