While I might not still be back to 100%, I'm healthy enough to compete bench only. Therefore, I am currently in meet prep, where I will compete at the APF/AAPF Summer Bash on July 29th, 2017. I'll be competing the 132-lb. weight class, multi-ply, where I look to bench press 500+ pounds, yet still mending my low back issues.

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Tuesday I opted to get in a final training day of some really light lower body work. Being bench only I wasn't worried about getting in some very minor work to barely get a sweat going and feel good, and I got out. I feel really good about where my training cycle has put me for this meet, and I'm ready to hit the platform come Saturday.


Items Used in this Training Session
Monster Mini Band

Warm Up
PRI Breathing Work - 5 min
Hip Flexor Stretch - 30 sec per leg
Leg Swings (forward and side to side) - 10 each
Single Leg RDL - 10 per leg
Bulgarian Split Squat - 10 per leg
Goblet Squat - 10
Standing Band Crunch - 15

A1) Prowler Push
4 trips, light

B1) Close Stance TKE Squats
B2) Band Leg Curls

C1) Reverse Hyper
C2) Wtd V-Ups