Main Bench - 2/19/2018

Today is Family Day in Canada, meaning we had the day off and had a full basement for training. Kind of fitting to spend Family Day with my gym family.
It was a lighter paused day today, and my training partner convinced me to try something called 'Tricep hell' and it was pretty much what it sounds like. Five reps to the chest, one board, two board, three board, and four board. First round with 135 was stupid easy, so tried going up to 10 reps each and couldn't make it through. Next time I'll just go heavier.

Monday Bench
180x6x5 paused

'Tricep Hell'

Occluded tri set
Bicep curls to failure
Tricep pressdowns to failure
Overhead extensions to failure
This was all sorts of pumpy and wonderful

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