Main bench - Failed reps and a busy week

Welp, not the best bench session I've had. I was supposed to work up to 195x8-10x3, but it just wasn't there. I dropped the weight to 190 on the third set to make sure I got eight reps in. I want to either repeat this training session next week or drop down to 190. Not much I can do at this point other than work harder/smarter next week.
This week will be one of the craziest of the year for me as a trainer, with all my clients returning from their breaks and also working on gaining new clients since this is a busy month in the gym. I'll be working my hardest to give my clients, training, nutrition, and relationships the best I can over this busy week, and any free down time at home will be ukulele time.

Monday Bench

Tricep ext 7x8
3-D Band pull aparts 3x25
Rotator cuff cleans 3x15,

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