Main Bench - reps with 225

This was a tough one. We had just gotten in from a few days away from home that morning since it was a holiday in Canada. I knew I had a big training session, and a good crew to train with so I was excited for this one. I have hit 225x4 in training before and saw 225x3-5 programmed and new I wanted that fifth rep.
My first set my third was a grinder.
The weight felt like a surprise.
I put my headphones in, dusted myself off, and went for my second set. Right away it felt so much better. I wasn't surprised about the weight anymore. I went for a fifth rep but just wasn't strong enough and failed. On my last set (Shown below) I knew I had four in me and called it there. I'll have another go at it another session hopefully in the next training cycle.


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