Main Deadlift - 3 Weeks Out - My how things change

Light sumo pulls today. When I first started powerlifting I always pulled sumo, and it wasn't the prettiest. Steve had me switch to conventional shortly after we started working together and after a year of pulling only conventional, he had me deadlift sumo light every other week. After figuring out how to pull conventional, it always felt weird trying to switch back. About 6-8 months ago something kinda clicked and since it's been feeling more natural. I'm interested to see what happens with it.

For comparison, I included a video of my sumo pulls from when I had first sent training video to him. It wasn't pretty and I was trying to figure out how to to a slow eccentric touch and go deadlift. Enjoy if you want a giggle.

Sumo pulls

November 2017

September 2014

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