Main Deadlift - 4/28/2018 - Heavy Block Pulls

This was a fun training session for me, I wanted to work up to a 3x3 while leaving a little in the tank. I haven't done block pulls in a few years so I wasn't sure what my working weight would be, but I knew I wanted to be around 405. I ended up working up to 385 for two sets and one set with 405. working up everything felt really snappy. I felt strong and man was it fun to have some heavier weights moving that fast. Once I worked up to 385 I had to learn to be patient off the blocks. 405 wasn't as patient as I'd like and got a little sloppy because of it. I'll need to clean things up when I go back to this movement in two weeks.

off 4' blocks

I decided to go against my gut and was talked into chain suspended good mornings as an accessory movement. I know in the past good mornings have been a bad call for my SI joint, but I thought chain suspended could make a difference. After about two-three sets I realized I should have gone with my gut when my SI wasn't the happiest. This cut most of my accessory work short.

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