Main Squat - 02/06/2018 - With Video

Second week of back squats after a month of yoke bar squats. This session felt more in the groove than last week. Steve wants me to focus on more control in the bottom of my squat during my off season, basically eliminating the 'bounce' out of the bottom, with a plan to add it back in closer to a meet. I had to work on driving my knees out harder in the descent to make that happen, and stay patient pushing through my upper back out of the hole.
Overall, I'm pretty happy with this session other than taking a bit too long to wake up during my warm ups since this was an earlier session for me.

bar x10

GHR 3X10

*Figuring out accessory work in the basement is a bit of a challenge for now since you have to be a bit creative with no machines.

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