Main Squat - 3/13/2018 - Heavy Raw

I knew going into this training session that it would test me. Steve had programmed 330 for a 3-5 rep range. The last time I had 330 on my back in sleeves I hit a hard double. I was excited and nervous. I have been noticing on these heavy squat days I don't trust my first top set as much as I should. I'm unsure of whether or not I have the last rep in me and call it too early. My second set I have more confidence and can get a few more reps out.
I managed to get three on my first set, not enough confidence.
Second set, I hit four strong reps, wasn't confident going down on he fifth, and came up after going half way down because I didn't trust it.
I need to find a balance between playing things safe so I don't hurt myself, and just trusting myself under the weight and going all out.

bar x10

Leg press 4x15
Leg ext 3x15
GHR 3X10,

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