Main Squat - Busting out the Wraps - with video

Well it seems like I'll be trying out some wraps in my future! I've decided to compete at Boss of Bosses in August and will compete in wraps. Cue the gasps, I'll be competing in wraps, with a monolift, a deadlift bar, a 24 hour weigh in, and in the 132 class.

I'm excited.

Today's session was a lot of trial and error, I had to use my training partner's patriot wraps since I can't get my hands on a pair of all blacks yet. They are 300cm, which is way longer than what I need. my first two sets there was way no way I could hit depth with how tight/how much fabric was in the way. It wasn't until my third and final set that I had him wrap a little looser, and boom, it felt like the easiest 295 squat I've ever done. I even giggled at the bottom of my first rep(dammit, focus meana).
Walking out sucked on all of my sets, and I was way too frantic between reps, but once I gain confidence I know it will be much smoother. I'm excited to see what will happen next.

add wraps

Leg press 3x10

Shown are the first and last sets.

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