Airdyne 20 minutes
One arm dbl rows 30/50/70x10 90 3x10
Pullups 3x7
Dbl curls 3x15
MCL rehab

60 minutes airdyne
MCL rehab

5 minutes airdyne
Upper body blast strap circuit x2
Speed bench w/legs up using football bar and 2 grips w/dbl mini band 135 2x2, 155 2x2, 185 2x2, 205 2x2, 225 2x2
Rack lockouts comp grip 315 w/2 dbl mini bands 2x3
Superset - Dbl front raises 2x15 w/incline Tate presses 2x15
MCL rehab
Iced pecs/shoulders 20 minutes

Airdyne 20 minutes
Medium grip fat bar D-rows 100 5x15
Neutral grip pullups 3x7
One arm cable conc curls 10 3x16
MCL rehab

Just some basic training stuff. My arms are really sore. My biceps tendons are fried. I even iced as a result. I know there is a debate over cold therapy for recovery, but I always feel better after I do it, so I still do.

I ramped up the speed bench a little. The plan is to do that every week until I don't feel fast anymore. I also plan on doing more heavier working sets once my body gets a little more accustomed to it. Also, when my body is a little healthier.

The MCL is coming along well. I have hardly been wearing the brace at all. I just have to keep putting the work in. It's not hard, but it's just taking the painstakingly dumb little rehab steps that add up.

That's it. Nothing else new or exciting. I'm on vacation this week. I'd love to be out skiing or hiking, but it's just resting and rehabbing. I have however found a bit of a guilty pleasure. I have been watching every episode of the Cinemax series, Strike Back. I dig it. I always like picking up new multi-season series that I can watch back to back during some good down time. If you like action, check it out.