Not feeling too strong tonight, I have to remember not every training session is going to be 100 %, of course I'm my own worst enemy, trained this morning already with Kettlebells and have not had a complete rest day yet this week.


W/U bar only 10/10

116 Lbs x 5/5

156 Lbs x 5/5

206 Lbs x 3

246 lbs x 1/1 (knee felt beat up today it has been bothering me lately)


Bar 15/15/15

95 Lbs 10/10/10





On the GHR holding a plank for 5 secs, 5 sits up, repeat for 20 x 4 sets  (pre-fatiguing the abs first really works)

Nothing too crazy tonight, like I said, max week for me plus lots of kettlebells makes for tired girl !

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