Max Effort Deadlifts today, sometimes when I get home from work, had a busy day in my crazy day job I just have to tell myself "Shut Up and Train"

squat up and train


176 Lbs  X 5/5

236 Lbs x 5

286 Lbs x 3

326 Lbs x 3

346 Lbs x 3


196 Lbs x 10/10/10/10


20 Superset with Abs for 20 x  4 sets

I was finding Abs too easy so I held a plank for 5 secs, fatigued my Abs then hit them hard, that makes a huge difference, when your tummy is shaking you know your maxing it !


Drop Squat/Swing Squat Combo

1 min x 4 sets

I'm trying a different training approach for the next meet, I am going to train 3 times per week, one week max effort, next week speed, between this and my kettlebell training I can taste that 1,000 total it is within reach.

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